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About Us
Have you had your share of days when you hear yourself complaining of having a job which in reality adds no ‘zing’ to your life? Do you feel that your career opportunities here in Sri Lanka are dying a slow death? or have you as a HR professional felt that the organization you work for has pretty interesting jobs to offer but you simply cannot find suitable candidates?
Welcome to Jobfactory!
We are the largest job bank and one of the top ten recruitment companies in Sri Lanka!

If you are a job seeker in the process of finding your dream job, we being a leading recruitment company in Sri Lanka will assist you in connecting to those who value your talents, skills and capabilities. We focus on Sri Lanka and beyond, therefore our services will cater to your need for finding career opportunities in both Sri Lanka and overseas.

If you are an employer, we as a Human Resource service provider and one of the largest Job Agencies in Sri Lanka will bridge you with a range of suitable candidates who would truly match your requirements from personality to capacity. In addition to talent supply in terms of recruitment, selection and placement, we also offer the following services, 
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • HRO (HR Outsourcing)
  • NHRO (Non HR Outsourcing)
  • HR Consultancy
  • Learning and Development
  • Outbound/Adventure Training
When we say we are different, we mean it.
We as a talent-oriented organization believe that each of you has something which another does not, therefore; we involve a process of talent management in all our business functions which involves both 
Jobs in Sri Lanka and Overseas.
Jobs in Sri Lanka
Among the most independent recruitment companies in Sri Lanka, Jobfactory is one of the leading and most reputable recruitment companies that will surely provide you with a variety of dependable Jobs in Sri Lanka. We provide our services to the jobseeker on free of charge basis. Once you connect with our highly optimized job search engine, we would first match your CV with available job vacancies in Sri Lankaand then offer you the details of the client and the particular job. If and when you as a jobseeker provide us with your consent to share your CV with that particular client, we would then share the same. If not, we park the CV in our database until a fitting vacancy arises.
Jobs in Overseas
Working in partnership with many reputed and well-established companies overseas, Jobfactory caters to the international need for recruitment and headhunting. Unlike any other job agency, we hereby strive hard to maintain high standards of professionalism and strict confidentiality towards both parties concerned; whilst assuring the best of service in placements and after at all times. Our skilled and talented team which handles operations concerned in finding the most suitable candidate for such Job vacancies are equipped with skills, experience and quality necessary in delivering an efficient and effective service which would not disappoint our respected business partners.
Why Us?
Remaining on the top of your field of expertise and passion is by no means a simple task. However, we have quite enthusiastically taken over the task of providing you with the best fit in the market that will perfectly align you with your career needs both here in Sri Lanka and Overseas. We are here to ensure that your DREAM of finding a job that you truly love turns into reality!

In addition to this, our solution involves partnering with some of the best companies which can surely transform your career. As the best choice in the industry, we ensure complete honesty in all our transactions. We do not wish for our customers to be yet another victim of any fraud and scam, hence why the assurance that we are indeed a fully licensed and authorized entity in conducting HR Services in Sri Lanka. With us, your creative talents will be optimized to guarantee quality Jobs in Sri Lanka and Abroad.

Jobfactory will guide you in the whole process of your job search. We don’t only provide you with exciting job offers; we also give you experts’ advice on how to create a perfect CV and cover letter as well as inspirational success stories to sharpen your career life through our blog. And in case you might have any questions, our dedicated customer support team will be glad to help you out.

Finally, this task is one which works better when working hand in hand; so why don’t you get started while we proceed with finding you the most suitable job vacancy which would strengthen your career life.

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